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8 Reasons why you should ABSOLUTELY have a Bridal Portrait Session

June 15, 2018

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8 Reasons why you should ABSOLUTELY have a Bridal Portrait Session

June 15, 2018

I have been thinking a lot about all of the benefits of doing bridal portraits. Here are the 8 reasons I think all brides should ABSOLUTELY have a bridal portrait session prior to their wedding day!


1. Get the most from your Hair & Makeup Trial

Hair and makeup trials are a helpful thing to do regardless of whether you are planning a bridal session or not. A trial gives you a chance to see your hair and makeup prior to the wedding day and allows your stylist to make adjustments to the look if needed. It is also the most accurate way to estimate how much time you will need for hair and makeup on your wedding day. 


By planning a Bridal Portrait Session on the same day as your Hair and Makeup trial, you'll get more bang for your buck (trials are usually not free), plus you can see how the hair and makeup look will photograph! This allows for additional adjustments to be made, since makeup can look different on camera than it does in person. 




2. You get to wear your dress TWICE.

I mean, why not take an extra day to play dress up!? You spend so much money and time choosing the dress of your dreams. It seems silly to only wear it one day. Plus, like with hair and makeup, it's good to give your dress a preliminary twirl. You might discover that the hem needs to be shortened, or a bustle needs to be adjusted. Wearing the dress and truly moving around in it will reveal whether additional alterations might be needed.


3. Display the portraits at your reception

A tradition that is popular with many southern brides is to display one or more of their Bridal Portraits at their wedding reception. Order prints or canvases and incorporate them as decor at your wedding and then reuse as decor in your home!


4.  A portrait to last a lifetime

Your family can enjoy them now (they make great gifts for mothers, grandparents, spouse) and later in life your children and grandchildren can have something of you from your wedding day. The southern tradition of bridal portraits actually began with debutantes and brides-to-be posing for painted portraits that would become family heirlooms. The difference today is you don't have to stand perfectly still for hours on end!


5. Build a closer bond with your photographer

Working with your photographer prior to your wedding, whether it be with an engagement session or bridal portrait session can be very beneficial. You get to know each other better. Your photographer feels more like a friend than an acquaintance. Being in front of a camera can be awkward, getting accustomed to it and being comfortable with your photographer can ease a lot of that stress. Learning how your photographer works and what to expect from them can also make it more relaxed in front of the camera.



6. Explore your venue further or utilize a second location

Some wedding venues give you a free additional session or a discounted sitting fee. Check with your venue. You can also add a little variety to your photos by choosing a separate location other than your wedding venue. This is a fantastic idea if there is a location you have always dreamed about doing portraits at, but it isn't feasible to make it there on your wedding day. 

7. Not enough time on the wedding day

A lot of the time, the additional bridal portraits are the first thing taken out of the photography timeline if there are unexpected delays or there simply wasn't time in the first place. Wedding days are busy and tend to fly by. If you know that your time at the venue is limited or your timeline is going to be tight for any reason, its good to schedule a Bridal Portrait Session on another day. Ensure that you get beautiful photos of you in that gorgeous dress!



8. You get a day that is all about you!

Your wedding day is about you AND your partner, but your Bridal Portrait Session is truly all for you! Who doesn't want to get all dressed up and feel beautiful as much as possible?

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